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My name is Ethel Manalo, born in the Philippines, was raised in NZ and I grew up in Sydney Australia. Just finished studying marketing and I’m currently studying for a bachelors degree in fashion marketing.

I’m 23 years young; the one word to describe me is ANIMATED. I’m not afraid to be me, which can be all kinds of crazy.

My grandparents were tailors so at the age of 6, I was cutting up my socks and stitching up new clothes for my Barbie dolls. In high early school I had a little side business designing and making bags. I had the opportunity to have work experience with Ginger and Smart. Studied Fashion Designing briefly after high school.

About Fashiondiction …

The idea of Fashiondiction came about almost 5 years ago.

My boyfriend Chin had photography as a hobby and at the time he was mostly a landscape photographer.

A couple of years ago I started styling photoshoots for Chin and I realised that creative styling came as second nature. I have always had a strong interest in fashion and would express it through what I wear, Chin suggested that I start fashion blogging but the idea of talking photos of myself in outfits sounded vain and a bit ridiculous (I wasn’t every educated in the concept of blogging back then hahaha!).

After being stuck in an unsatisfying job, our travel overseas to Hawaii, Vegas and New York ignited a drive of passion towards marking a new chapter in our lives. After years of Chin’s constant suggestion, the decision was made to give it ago as a personal style journal. What initially was a personal hobby, has now grown into an unexpected surprise.

Hope you guys like it :)



  1. El said:

    That’s so sweet! Don’t think I’ve ever been called an inspiration before. :)

    February 12, 2013
    • ethelmanalo said:

      Well you are and lets face it if you didn’t show me the way, I still would of been a hardcore tomboy till this day

      February 16, 2013
      • kbrfashion said:

        I study far far away from you, in Hungary, but if you are planning any europe tour after your uni, you have an invitation from me ;)

        September 10, 2013
        • WOW Hungary!!! Definitely a place I’ve been wanting to visit. Thanks for the invite :) I’ll definitely let you know if do

          October 25, 2013
    • Aw Thank you so much, I just looked at your blog and it is awesome ! You are so gorgeous!

      January 27, 2014

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