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Photos by – Yunn Chin Photography


Hope you have all had an amazing Christmas, New Years and Australia Day !!!

The last time you would have heard from me was quite sometime ago, around last year in November to be exact and since then I’ve gone completely AWOL.
Well, I came to a realisation about the blog and my writing, which made me take a few steps back and reassess my situation.

Usually when I travel overseas I always come to some form of mind-altering decision to progress and move forward, one of which was starting the blog almost 3 years ago. However, this time things were different, I found that I was making any excuse under the sun to avoid blogging. I was either too busy, too tired or simply had no time, which, due to my crazy schedule was actually true lol. Although this time, the difference was; I was no longer MAKING time for it. I found myself in a predicament that I was ignoring for far too long and it was my trip to the Philippines in November where I finally confronted my inner demons. I realised that something that I use to love doing, I no longer enjoyed. I had lost confidence in myself, my ability, I had lost the passion and reluctant to admit it…..I had lost my blog!
Somewhere along the busy schedule of working, studying full time, blogging; going to events, photoshoots and writing. I had lost the drive, passion and instead, I was overwhelmed with endless tasks. In denial I tried pushing past it but it was easily seen through the reflection of my once, “3 times a week” blog updates to my then “once in a while” posts. What I had started as my own creation, my own enjoyable hobby; turned into a heavy burden with expectations, deadlines and the want to please others rather than myself.
Truthfully though, I was the only one to blame; I took on too much too quickly and had lost it all along the way.

So… I decided to take some time out of blogging, completely remove myself from social media and reassessed my life with a clearer mind. For the first time ever I decided to take a risk and make some changes that were undoubtably holding me back. Gone are the “what if” days and the “maybe I should (but secretly won’t)”. I made the brave decision to change my field of work and focus on completing my Bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing. As well as spending more time on how I would like the Fashiondiction to be rather than what I thought was expected. This year I decided to turn over a new leaf and follow through with some changes for no one other than me.

So moving forward, what does that mean for Fashiondiction?

Well, I’m just adding a bit more spice to it. With my job out of the way, I’ll be diving in and exploring more of my creative side applied with fashion, styling and blog posts.
It’s just I new chapter within the progression of fashion and life that I’d like to explore.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell, I have to admit, sharing this with you is a weight of my shoulders. Personally, not being able to keep up with what I had taken on felt like I had failed in some degree. But after looking at the bigger picture, I realised that it was just a step of progression into a new beginning. Now with the right direction in mind I’ve never been more excited to start the new year!

Hope you guys stay tuned and I’ll see you soon with my first official blog post of 2015.

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.”
Adriana Lima

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Photos by – Ramon Diamzon (Street Peeked)

Disco Pants – American Apparel | Top – American Apparel | Cardigan – Boohoo | Sneakers – Nike Air Max Thea

Hello everyone!!!

As promised from the collaboration I did with Camille Sioco from Frilly Skirts, here are the details about the outfit I wore that day. For this neon number, I was lucky enough to work with Ramon Diamzon from Street Peeked (also A.K.A Camille’s partner).

I’ve known Ramon for about 2 years now and he is hands down one of the coolest guys I have ever met. To me, he is the definition of cool and I know, I know….. when someone speaks fondly about a person, they commonly say “yeah that guy is cool” in the context of; yeah I like that guy or, yeah, he’s alright. But seriously, this guy is the essence of COOL!
Think – swag, badass, killer style, unique and in all honestly if I was a guy, I would want to be him LOL! (I’m not even ashamed to admit that hahahah!) He is the only guy I know that has a bigger collection of shoes than myself (RESPECT) and most of his shoes are limited edition or one of kind sneakers. On top of that, he takes killer photos and he is also insanely funny. Not mention, his other half is Camille, so what is there not to like!!!

As I previously mentioned in the collaboration, I wasn’t feeling my best on the day. I was unfortunately recovering from an unexpectedly big night, lacking sleep and feeling so ill, that I missed out on an amazing breakfast. Regardless of this, Ramon managed to still capture such great photos. Looking at these photos now, I can’t even tell that I was feeling sick HAHAHA! Thanks Ramon :P

This is the second time I’ve collaborated with another photographer other than Chin and it is so interesting to see how different photographers capture different sides of you. Even though my outfit is crazy bight and some would even call it a little out there. Ramon still brings his signature; urban, street aesthetic to the photos. The images he captures in my opinion are so honest, which I find really endearing. It was a real pleasure collaborating with both Camille and Ramon, I had such a great time with them, it didn’t even feel like we were doing a collaboration, more so just hanging out hehehe!

I mentioned in my previous post about being a proud serial wardrobe repeat, with this outfit I have stayed true to my word. Besides the slight styling changes, I have used the same pants and cardigan from an outfit post last year.
I know with most people, they feel most comfortable in black and white, where as I, however, am the complete opposite. I feel more at ease in colour, especially with this outfit; at first glance, you wouldn’t think that the items individually, would work well together. However, as soon as you combine the colourful, bold cardigan with the lavender disco pants and neon transparent bag, the colours end up complimenting each other so well. The concept of contradicting items in fashion really intrigues me and I think this is why there is a common thread in the colour palette of my outfit choices.

Do you find many similarities in your outfit choices?

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you all tomorrow with another post :P

Ramon--colab-4 ramon-colab-8IMG_9983 copy Ramon-Colab-5 Ramon-colab-1 Ramon-Colab-7 Ramon-colab-6

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Photos By – Yunn Chin Photography

Top – ASOS | Floral Print Midi Skirt – ASOS | Heels – Wittner

Spring has always been my favourite season of the year, besides the fact that it falls on my birthday. It is the warming feeling of the sun, the cooling breeze of the air and most importantly, the colours of the rainbow painted across fields of green that gets me every time.
As most things, however, there are negatives, one of which is hay fever……Oh that dreaded hay fever !!! I’m not just talking about getting little sniffles here and there, I’m talking about the whole shebang: itchy mouth, inflamed red eyes, constant sneezing and nose running like a tap. Yup, if you ever see me in Spring, expect the worst, I am by no means at my best hahahahaha!
Whatever the case, I freaking love spring! Call me a romantic or just plain cheesy, I always saw Spring as a time for new beginnings, I get the sudden spark of inspiration and drive.

I also noticed that my direction in clothing quickly changes. The urge of wearing pants, suddenly changes to shorts, my choices of black and white quickly turns to bright colours and the constant want to wear skirts/dresses is at an all time high.
One type of clothing in particular that I subconsciously keep taking out for a spin, is this oversized floral print midi skirt. Nothing in my wardrobe shouts Spring more than this little number.
Since the weather is currently in-between hot and cold, I find I can never go wrong with this choice. The over the knee length and thick material provides the right balance, accommodating both cool and warm weather.
Because of its bight colourful aesthetic, I find it easier to wear it with basic black and white, just like in this outfit post. However, on days I’m feeling extra confident, I style it with contrasting colours as well as mixing it up with different patterns.
I do need to admit, that the only downside to this skirt is the fact that it is so distinctive, which limits the number of times I can wear it without being to repetitious. In all honesty, however, I am proud about being a serial wardrobe repeat, just as long as there are slight changes to accessories, tops and bottoms. I’m sure I don’t need to give you a heads up that this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing this skirt HAHAHAHA!

What is your current favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

Thank you for visiting and I’ll see you soon with another post :)

Melb_FlowerSkirt_004 Melb_FlowerSkirt_005 Melb_FlowerSkirt_002 Melb_FlowerSkirt_006 Melb_FlowerSkirt_003 Melb_FlowerSkirt_001 Melb_FlowerSkirt_007 Melb_FlowerSkirt_008

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Photos by – Yunn Chin Photography 

Jumper – Vintage | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Socks – Sportsgirl | Boots – ZU

Hello Hello!

So glad to share another outfit post with you all, especially an outfit that includes my love of vintage clothing.
I know I haven’t been as frequent with my posts for the past 2 months but for me, it was a much-needed break. It’s that time of the year when everything falls quickly and so heavily from the preparations of Christmas and the lead up to the summer break. Priorities pile up, the list of ‘things to do’ becomes never ending and the pressures of work and college start to weigh heavily. Worst of all, your negative subconscious starts tempting you to drop everything and give up amidst the pressures of life.
This is something that I am more than familiar with because I have experienced this time and time again.
Before things had become more than overwhelming, I made sure to remove myself from the situation, just for a couple of weeks to adjust. Taking preventive measures to prepare for the stress to come.

Now I’m back in the blogosphere, charged up and ready to go! Currently prioritising business meetings and the importance of taking on quality and not quantity, which is a mistake that I’ve made several times.

To start us off, some you may recognise this fluffy jumper from one of the outfits I wore to fashion week. Well, since then, this vintage gem has kept me not only comfortable but also warm in the coldest of weathers. I found this treasure at a Salvation Army store in the city for just $50 and I haven’t parted ways with it since. I think I’m even in denial that the weather is warming up because even in the warmest of days I find myself wanting to put it on ahahahaha!
I have always loved vintage clothing and it is a perfect fit for someone like me, a student, shopping with cost limitations, however, purchasing clothes without jeopardising the quality and aesthetic.
To create visual depth and compliment it’s vocal point, I wore it with black disco pants and mustard socks against white boots. I could of easily kept it simple with just back and white but to be honest, it’s not me without that little bit of colour hehehe.

To make up for my previous lack of contact, I’ll be posting more frequently within the coming weeks letting you in on all the things I’ve been up to :P

Thanks for visiting and I’ll catch you later this week

Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time Vintage Outfit Post - Break Time


Photography by – Toàn Tran

Football Jersey Top – Asos/River Island | Skorts – Zara | Heels – Glue

Hello!!! :)

Sporty Chic is a common and popular trend that 2014 has adopted so well.
We have seen it on the runways, the red carpet and more commonly though street fashion. It is a trend that I have welcomed with open arms and am more than willing to continue embracing, indulging in all that blissful comfort.
The trend involves combining sportswear or a fashionable adaptation, with everyday fashion items and clothing. It is identified more commonly as a mix of sportswear teamed with feminine clothing and items.Just think of a baggie hoodie worn with boyfriend jeans, high heels and you favourite tote.

For those of you who have followed me from the start, you are no stranger to the fact that I grew up as a bit of a tomboy. Till this day, I find comfort in wearing my boyfriend, Chin’s baggy shirts, t-shirts and jackets, making this one of the reasons why I love this trend.

Being a typical girl, it’s that occasional indecisiveness when it comes to particular fashion choices that I hate so much. All you girls can back me up on this one, am I right? HAHAHA! You know what I’m talking about, the days that you draw a complete blank, staring into your closet with no idea what to wear.

I decided to post up this outfit in particular because it is on my re-wear/recycle list. It can be worn on a casual day out, teamed with a pair of sneakers and worn right into the night, simply just by switching to heels. Plus did I mention how amazing skorts are, I mean shorts and a skirt into one… BEST THING EVER!!!

These photos are apart of a collaboration I did with a photographer called Toàn Tran, he was also the technical talent behind my previous outfit post “Missing Summer”. I’ve been so excited about sharing the collaboration with you all because he did such an amazing job. Stay tuned, we have one more outfit post from our collaboration, so keep a look out for it ;)

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you all soon with another post :)

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Cherry Blossom Baseball Jersey – 10 DEEP | Clutch – Armanie Exchange | Boots – ZU Shoes 

Photos by Yunn Chin Photography

Hello everyone!!!

It’s that time again and I’ve been DYING to share this outfit with you!!!

Earlier this year, Chin and I went for a little trip to Melbourne, it was there where I had my first experience entering into a Culture Kings store. After taking my first step into what I would now call complete “Street Style” bliss, I quickly realised what the rave was all about.

The store’s main target market are males and with only a hand full of items available for women, however, I still saw it as a gold mine of unisex street clothing. Everything I laid my eyes on I wanted! It was there I came across this 10 Deep cherry blossom baseball jersey. I’m gonna be honest with you, for me (since I am a complete tight ass with money – student life -.-‘) it was pricey, $130 to be exact. I couldn’t help myself! the WANT was far too great to resist and in my defence I only fork out on things that I so desperately desire. Plus it fit Chin perfectly and he really liked it too so I looked at it as purchasing something for me and him hehehehe.

Since the shirt is so distinct, it is unfortunately an item that can be noticeably re-worn but honestly, I love it that much that I will wear the crap out of it and not give a damn hahahaha!

I ended up sporting this number at fashion week, I first thought it was a bit too riskay wearing it as a dress (don’t worry I wore shorts underneath!!! hahaha) but I thought “What the hell, it’s Fashion Week, might as just do me” and what do you know, it was featured on Getty Images and :).

Thanks again for visiting!!! It’s always a pleasure to have you and I’ll catch up with you girls and guys soon.


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