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Dress – Blockout  |  Shirt – Chicabooti  |  Blazer – ASOS  |  Head Piece – Lovisa  |  Flats – Miss Shop

Happy Hump day everyone!

Sorry about the late post, there has been a slight delay with the remaining photos from the “Statements Photoshoot”. I promise part 2 will be released soon but the good news is I have a new outfit to post :).

Last Friday I attended an induction day for Raffles college, It was a day dedicated to new students who will be attending the college this year… like me :) hehehe.

The last time I had studied was when I was fresh out of high school and did a fashion design course… that was almost 4 years ago. You can imagine the extreme change of lifestyle from being cooped up in an office cubicle to a full time student.

I decided that I would go to the induction day in attire that I was comfortable in, but still reflected the essence of fashion college life.

Keeping it basic, I wore a buttoned up collared shirt underneath a black tight fitting dress. On the day, I actually wore my rose-laced black bowtie but misplaced it for this photo shoot :(.  So instead I decided to feature my flower head piece, which I’ve been dying to wear.

For my signature pop of colour, I chose to team the basic black and white with a green blazer and pink flats.

Just a quick tip – layering a black dress with an open blazer, cardigan and jacket flatters your shape by making your figure look skinnier. That day, I wasn’t feeling the most attractive (shape wise). Wearing the blazer on top gave me that little boost of confidence.

Yesterday was my first day at Raffles college, so watch this space to see what I wore on my first day back as student.

Stay tuned for more photos from the Statements photoshoot, hopefully I’ll be able to post them up soon :).

See you guys on Saturday!!!










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Dress – BooHoo  |  Belt – Miss Shop  |  Socks – Sportsgirl  |  Heels – Wittner  |  Earings – Diva

The weekend before the last, Chin and I finally got our haircuts.

Years ago when we first met, I had crazy hair; blonde, shaved, boy cut, asymmetrical, you name it. I went through this phase where I changed my hair as often as I changed my clothes hehehe :).

Despite my crazy antics, early last year I decided I would grow my locks and back then, it was crazy short. Now, my hair is finally at a length that is easier to style. However, the months leading up to the cut, sucked! My hair was dry, crazy and unmanageable!

Naturally I have curly hair and before you say “Curly hair is so pretty”, trust me, you have not seen me in the morning. I literally look like I stuck my finger in a PowerPoint and if you don’t believe me, ask my roommates.

After many months of contemplating, constantly asking “how do I change my hair without loosing length?” I thought I would take it back to basics and rock the bangs.

I know I look like I’m 10 and getting this haircut will make me look leven younger.  But, lets face it; no matter how hard I try, I will not look a day over 16 (first world problems).

On the day, it was super sunny, I just couldn’t resist. I had to wear something as fun and bright. So, to rock the new do, I decided to flaunt my new floral print dress from BooHoo. To make the colours of the dress pop, I wore the same coloured accessories.

This outfit probably doesn’t help that fact that I look like a child but I’ve done my time trying to look older and it still doesn’t make much of a difference. In all honestly, I love bright colours, floral prints and cute looking outfits, that’s just me :).

Before I go, I thought I’d share a funny encounter Chin and I experienced when these shots were taken.

We were setting up for the shoot and some random guy comes up to us and says, “You guys doing a photoshoot?” I awkwardly responded with a “Yes?” and Chin cleverly replied, “ Nah man, we’re just hanging out”. Then the guy stood right next to Chin and when I say right next to him, I mean literally side by side. He then randomly starts posing, almost like he’s inviting us to take snaps of him.

Chin and I awkwardly try to move away but the guy just follows us and creepily watched us at a close distance………………..I MEAN, WHO DOES THAT?!

Taking photos for the blog is not easy, it can make you feel really uncomfortable and this is a prime example why HAHAHA!

For all the bloggers out there, has anything like this ever happen to you taking your photos?









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Last Saturday, I was invited to a label launch for a new up coming brand, Tokyo Twerk. I was fortunate enough to meet the talented designers behind it all, sisters Jenny and Christine Le.

It was refreshing to see a new, unique brand filled with fun and crazy designs inspired by Tokyo.

I also had the chance to speak to the creative director Lin Canh, who had organised the event and the decorations for it.

Just like the label, the launch was raw, youthful, fun and absolutely crazy (you know me the crazier the better). It was held in an intimate venue called the Back Room, with a live performance from Fingertips.

I can’t wait till their website is up and running, so I can get my own shirt!!!

I’ll be posting up more photos of the outfit I wore that night, so keep a look out for this weekends post.

Here are some photos from the event . . . ENJOY!

Like Tokyo Twerk on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/TokyoTwerk

















Crop Turtleneck Top – American Apparel | Skirt – Miss Shop | Belt – Asos | Heels – Wittner

Summer has ended and autumn is here. Just before I bring out the long sleeves and scarfs, I’m going to try and take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. No better to do this than with my jungle print skater skirt from Miss Shop. Since welcoming this skirt into my wardrobe, it has become one of my favourite pieces of clothing. The fun colourful jungle print adds a young and playful touch. The different colours allows you to wear a range of coloured tops and accessories. Giving you more room to mix and match creating a wider range of outfits using this piece.

I decided to team this skirt up with a black turtleneck crop top. I specifically chose a black top to frame the colours of the skirt. Using block coloured accessories and heels to brighten up the outfit. For colour balance, I wore my pink lippy and matched it with my light pink heels. This also allows the eyes to be visually guided from head to toe.

On a personal note, my roommate also shares the same skirt along with many other twin pieces. The funny thing is we rarely go shopping with each other, we simply just see each other wearing the same shirt, shoes, or skirt. However, even though we have the same pieces of clothing, we always wear it so differently compared to the other. Either way, I’m glad to know that she thinks that this outfit is a win.

What do you think, YAY OR NAY?

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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