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Photos by – Ramon Diamzon (Street Peeked)

Disco Pants – American Apparel | Top – American Apparel | Cardigan – Boohoo | Sneakers – Nike Air Max Thea

Hello everyone!!!

As promised from the collaboration I did with Camille Sioco from Frilly Skirts, here are the details about the outfit I wore that day. For this neon number, I was lucky enough to work with Ramon Diamzon from Street Peeked (also A.K.A Camille’s partner).

I’ve known Ramon for about 2 years now and he is hands down one of the coolest guys I have ever met. To me, he is the definition of cool and I know, I know….. when someone speaks fondly about a person, they commonly say “yeah that guy is cool” in the context of; yeah I like that guy or, yeah, he’s alright. But seriously, this guy is the essence of COOL!
Think – swag, badass, killer style, unique and in all honestly if I was a guy, I would want to be him LOL! (I’m not even ashamed to admit that hahahah!) He is the only guy I know that has a bigger collection of shoes than myself (RESPECT) and most of his shoes are limited edition or one of kind sneakers. On top of that, he takes killer photos and he is also insanely funny. Not mention, his other half is Camille, so what is there not to like!!!

As I previously mentioned in the collaboration, I wasn’t feeling my best on the day. I was unfortunately recovering from an unexpectedly big night, lacking sleep and feeling so ill, that I missed out on an amazing breakfast. Regardless of this, Ramon managed to still capture such great photos. Looking at these photos now, I can’t even tell that I was feeling sick HAHAHA! Thanks Ramon :P

This is the second time I’ve collaborated with another photographer other than Chin and it is so interesting to see how different photographers capture different sides of you. Even though my outfit is crazy bight and some would even call it a little out there. Ramon still brings his signature; urban, street aesthetic to the photos. The images he captures in my opinion are so honest, which I find really endearing. It was a real pleasure collaborating with both Camille and Ramon, I had such a great time with them, it didn’t even feel like we were doing a collaboration, more so just hanging out hehehe!

I mentioned in my previous post about being a proud serial wardrobe repeat, with this outfit I have stayed true to my word. Besides the slight styling changes, I have used the same pants and cardigan from an outfit post last year.
I know with most people, they feel most comfortable in black and white, where as I, however, am the complete opposite. I feel more at ease in colour, especially with this outfit; at first glance, you wouldn’t think that the items individually, would work well together. However, as soon as you combine the colourful, bold cardigan with the lavender disco pants and neon transparent bag, the colours end up complimenting each other so well. The concept of contradicting items in fashion really intrigues me and I think this is why there is a common thread in the colour palette of my outfit choices.

Do you find many similarities in your outfit choices?

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you all tomorrow with another post :P

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Beanie – Sportsgirl | Jumper – August Street | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Bag –Miss Shop | Sneakers – Converse

This winter I’ve been drawn to earthy, cameo colours and especially neon.

Luckily for me, these past couple of months I’ve been finding neon items on sale everywhere! YERRRRR! What better way to show off these items than throwing it all together in one outfit ;)

Beanie – Sportsgirl $10
Bag – Miss Shop $7 (Yup that’s right, I scored it in the Myer sales)
Jumper – August Street $30 (label warehouse sale)

Neon is a tricky one to style, since it doesn’t go with a lot of general colours. I find that it goes best with dark colours such grey tones and its best friend black.

Wearing dark shades of lipstick goes hand in hand with neon and the darker shades will do you wonders for a classic winter look. The shade I’m wearing with this outfit is called Diva, from Mac :).

I wore this outfit to college and funny enough, we were using the projector that day and I happened to glow in the dark. So do yourself a favour and get your highlighter on!

Stay tuned for more winter outfit posts coming up over the weekend.

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Fashion outfit post personal style Photography

I am soooo excited to finally post some photos that aren’t of me!!!

Today I did a 60’s inspired fashion shoot for an application for a fashion collage called Raffles. I have directed and styled shoots before, but never for my own concept, so this shoot was super important to me. Later this week I will be posting more behind the scene photos and let you guys know the story behind the whole process of the shoot. But for now I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak of the action on set today.

At the end of the week, I’ll be posting the end result so stay tuned. Trust me you do not want to miss the finished photos!!!

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