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Hope you have all had an amazing Christmas, New Years and Australia Day !!!

The last time you would have heard from me was quite sometime ago, around last year in November to be exact and since then I’ve gone completely AWOL.
Well, I came to a realisation about the blog and my writing, which made me take a few steps back and reassess my situation.

Usually when I travel overseas I always come to some form of mind-altering decision to progress and move forward, one of which was starting the blog almost 3 years ago. However, this time things were different, I found that I was making any excuse under the sun to avoid blogging. I was either too busy, too tired or simply had no time, which, due to my crazy schedule was actually true lol. Although this time, the difference was; I was no longer MAKING time for it. I found myself in a predicament that I was ignoring for far too long and it was my trip to the Philippines in November where I finally confronted my inner demons. I realised that something that I use to love doing, I no longer enjoyed. I had lost confidence in myself, my ability, I had lost the passion and reluctant to admit it…..I had lost my blog!
Somewhere along the busy schedule of working, studying full time, blogging; going to events, photoshoots and writing. I had lost the drive, passion and instead, I was overwhelmed with endless tasks. In denial I tried pushing past it but it was easily seen through the reflection of my once, “3 times a week” blog updates to my then “once in a while” posts. What I had started as my own creation, my own enjoyable hobby; turned into a heavy burden with expectations, deadlines and the want to please others rather than myself.
Truthfully though, I was the only one to blame; I took on too much too quickly and had lost it all along the way.

So… I decided to take some time out of blogging, completely remove myself from social media and reassessed my life with a clearer mind. For the first time ever I decided to take a risk and make some changes that were undoubtably holding me back. Gone are the “what if” days and the “maybe I should (but secretly won’t)”. I made the brave decision to change my field of work and focus on completing my Bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing. As well as spending more time on how I would like the Fashiondiction to be rather than what I thought was expected. This year I decided to turn over a new leaf and follow through with some changes for no one other than me.

So moving forward, what does that mean for Fashiondiction?

Well, I’m just adding a bit more spice to it. With my job out of the way, I’ll be diving in and exploring more of my creative side applied with fashion, styling and blog posts.
It’s just I new chapter within the progression of fashion and life that I’d like to explore.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell, I have to admit, sharing this with you is a weight of my shoulders. Personally, not being able to keep up with what I had taken on felt like I had failed in some degree. But after looking at the bigger picture, I realised that it was just a step of progression into a new beginning. Now with the right direction in mind I’ve never been more excited to start the new year!

Hope you guys stay tuned and I’ll see you soon with my first official blog post of 2015.

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.”
Adriana Lima

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Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs | Playsuit – Mink | Flats – Court Couture

Photos taken by – Yunn Chin Photography

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I can’t believe 2014 is here already and this is my first official outfit post for this year!

I’m going to back this up a little to 2012 (give you guys a bit of an insight on how Fashiondiction came about).
Things had taken a turn for the worst for me, which left me lost and confused with what I wanted to do in life.
Going overseas and talking a trip away to Hawaii, Vegas and New York, helped me regain focus, gain my determination back and ignited my passion for life. I was determined to go into 2013 headstrong with no fear and with everything I had.

After 2 years of procrastinating, thinking about starting my own blog, I finally decided to go for it.
I stopped worrying and started planning, I stopped talking and started doing. I was determined to get what I didn’t get from the previous years, which was self-belief.

Since then, it has helped me learn more about myself, open doors for different opportunities, meet some incredible people and most importantly ignited my love for fashion, which made me start my education for a Bachelor in Fashion Marketing.
It’s ironic that the thing I had put off for years (fashion blogging) was the one thing that had opened so many doors and helped me grow into a better version of myself.

The frequent question that had been asked leading into 2014 was “What have you accomplished this year?” and for once I was happy to say “Everything I wanted to”. All the many new years resolutions I had set out in 2013 starting from my health, diet and exercise to my goals and education, I had crossed everything off the list.

The difference of 2013 to the many years before it, was that I didn’t wait for opportunities I looked for it, I took risks, made sacrifices and through the panic attacks, sleepless nights and tears it was all worth it.

2014 is no exception, this year I am going in even more determined then before, leaving nothing to waste or chance. Gone are the years that I procrastinated, wasted time and regret what I didn’t accomplish and blamed everyone but myself.

Lets all make 2014 bigger and better then the last!

What’s are your hopes, aspirations and new years resolutions for 2014 :)?








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